Denton County Historical Park
Dec 12 & 13th 2014

About the Event

This Year

We will kick off the Christmas in London Town experience this year with a one act play called "The Trouble with Charley." Join us December 12th and 13th at the Denton County Historical Park to watch our characters bring 1855 London to life. We hope to really cast the vision for next year's bigger and more interactive event. How else are you going to find out what the trouble with Charley actually is?

The Vision

Christmas in London Town will be an interactive Victorian Christmas experience full of theater, food, street performers, musicians and vendors. A small piece of 1855 London in the heart of Denton, Texas, at the Denton County Historical Park on the corner of Mulberry Street and Carroll Boulevard. Think "Scarborough Faire" meets "Oliver Twist" for the holidays! We expect "Christmas in London Town" to become a new tradition in our North Texas holiday culture. Join us as we give back to our community providing a fun and free Christmas festival for the whole family!

Areas To Help

Christmas in London Town is produced by Rock Salt Events, a faith-based non-profit organization. We hope to keep this event free for the community, and donations are the only way we can do that. Please consider donating through our safe and secure PayPal account. You don't even have to have a PayPal login to do so! Even $5 can make a HUGE difference for us, so please consider clicking on the button below to help us bring this wonderful event to life.
Thank you in advance, and blessings to you and yours!

Christmas in London Town will include dramatic performances each year, as well as street performers and musicians. If you have talents in any of these areas, please consider joining our team! Acting, directing, dance, music, etc. There's a place for you in CiLT!!!

The dream is for our "London Town" to grow each year, which means there will continually be set design and construction happening. We need carpenters, painters, and design savvy folks to help us create as realistic looking a set as possible. We want folks to "escape into Victorian London", so your artistic talents are vital! And if you've never done this kind of thing, but always wanted to... we'll teach you! Please consider joining our Set Design and Construction Team and help us build a town within a town!

We need help spreading the word about Christmas in London Town, as well as folks to help make sure that things are getting done. If you are a "make things happen" kind of person, or have gifts in the promotion and marketing area, please consider joining one of these teams. Graphic design, desktop publishing, social media promotion, finances, budgets, etc. We need folks with these skill sets to make Christmas in London Town a success. Help us be the best we can be!

There are tons of other things that go into the production of an event this size. If you are willing to help, but not quite sure where you fit in, we still need you! Rest assured we will find a place for you to use your God given talents and abilities to help make this event the best that it can be. We value every one of our volunteers and we hope you'll join our team! There's much to do!!!

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If you have any additional questions or would like to get involved, feel free to conatact us whichever way is most convenient!


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